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Impressive Tools of Content Marketing You Don’t Know About

March 1, 2013

How do the web’s most visited sites get all that action? It might be because of great content, but their secret may be that they have a team of helpers, skilled experts in content promotion who place your content within their network of other sites and are able to regenerate the content they already have to maximize their traffic. It’s so effective it almost seems like cheating – they aren’t doing a thing except sitting back and watching their numbers grow. But it’s not cheating, and you can do it too. Services like MGID have a myriad of features that can instantly boost your traffic to 150%. Install one of their easy-to-use widgets or utilize their CPC, which is as inexpensive as one cent per click. Your competitors are using MGID to get ahead. Why aren’t you?

Top 10 Services to Buy Traffic From

January 30, 2013

Any advertising campaign, ranging from free to expensive, can mean significant traffic growth over a specified period of time. The point here is to pick the most efficient tool (or tools) to accomplish all tasks set out in your marketing plan. Traffic Acquisition Platforms (“TAPs”) may be among those special tools you need. Considering its operating simplicity and transparency, website traffic creation has never been so feasible.

Proposals from digital media marketing companies are everywhere! Hundreds of companies in the industry compete to win your attention. Keep calm and carry on with your search until you get an offer you can’t refuse. Always be aware of the price and the reputation of the firms you are considering. Before choosing a traffic acquisition service provider you should answer two essential questions:

  • - What type of web traffic do you need? (it may be content, mobile, video, product, etc.);? (it may be content, mobile, video, product, etc.);
  • - What payment model is the most appropriate in your case? (‘Cost Per View’, ‘Cost Per Click’ etc).

After all the details have been thoroughly considered you can choose the service which suits your business. The industry’s leading TAPs are:

  1. GoogleAdWords – a fabulous online tool to boost traffic. For a huge majority of website owners it remains a paramount source of revenue. AdWords provides access to an abundance of different ad campaign opportunities based on different payment models (CPC. PPC, CPM and others). They deliver all possible ways to direct traffic to websites, including targeted text advertising, banners, and rich-media ads.
  2. FacebookAds – always cheap and efficient. Acquiring traffic through Facebook, you can reach an audience of over a billion potential customers.
  3. – it's the cross-platform data optimization tool which can send you traffic wherever you want (PC, Mac, Tablet etc). Currently having over a thousand websites in their network they’ve managed to develop a truly unique online product.
  4. MyAds – a great tool for large companies in the media industry, but to collaborate with them your fixed operating costs should be high.
  5. LinkedIn – this is a professional community in search of business opportunities. Smooth targeting techniques for reasonable pricing. Why not to attract a new public for as little as $10 per day?
  6. MGID – an audience development platform definitely worth checking out. With solid and high quality content promotion services linking thousands of authentic and unique websites, it won’t be hard to compete in the industry. Get organic traffic and start engaging an audience that's a perfect match for your content or your marking niche.
  7. Pulse360 – regardless of the type model - PPC, CPC, or CPM, they can do it all. They are about premium customer service and spectacular marketing techniques. This is a great combination that can bring success for your site/business!
  8. BlogAds – a niche company principally specializing in blog content. This blog advertising tool offers more benefits for your small blog than you can imagine.
  9. Jumptap – a superb solution for those who want to realize economies of scale from mobile web traffic demand. This high performing, reputable company has reached over 200M mobile web users worldwide.
  10. AdoTube– Adotube offers high-potential affiliate marketing programs for video advertising. AdoTube developed a great technology, which boosts traffic by aggregating video views.

With all due respect, it would have been evident that the first seven in the list are the majors with a number of services to apply, while the last three are smaller and may help to achieve public loyalty particularly in elaborated segments (blogging, mobile, and video web traffic). Segregated with special purpose to represent options in even more convenient way for advertiser, publisher, or social networking website’s owner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware of offers that seem “too good to be true”, generated by deceitful and dishonest companies! As always the principle of “The “Buyer Beware” is in play... just make sure you're not throwing money down the drain on a service that doesn't meet the highest standards. Services #2 and #10 in the list are in absolute compliance with Google AdSense TOS, Panda and Penguin updates.

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